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Who are we?

Welcome to Communified, where our core belief is that technology can and should be a force for good. Our journey is driven by a deep commitment to community activism and a passion for environmental sustainability. We are a team of innovators, dedicated to creating software that is not just effective, but transformative. Our projects are diverse, ranging from platforms that facilitate rapid societal change to tools that assist businesses in reducing their carbon footprint. We understand the immense power of technology in accelerating positive changes and shaping impactful stories. At Communified, we are more than just a software company. We are architects of a brighter future, integrating the immediate demands of technology with the broader aspirations of society. We invite you to join us in our mission to build software that makes a real difference, fostering a world where innovation is synonymous with responsibility. Check out our first project MySay below.


Tools to help increase participation in the democratic process

Our Team

Sanat Singh


Sanat is currently studying a Bachelors of Engineering degree specialising in Engineering Science at the University of Auckland. He has been an engaged member of the community for many years, and has always been involved in community activism. Sanat has also always had an eye for technology and the power it can have in improving the speed at which change can be made. He started Communified to help make sure that acceleration of change was happenening and that our technology could be part of many great stories to tell in the future.

Michael Howell


Michael is studying a Bachelors of Enginering degree specialising in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Auckland. He works part-time during his studies as a software engineer for a green-tech startup, helping companies track and manage their carbon emissions. He's passionate about political engagement, and has been involved in youth advocacy work for the past five years, volunteering at, working for and serving on the boards of different organisations aimed at empowering young people in the democratic process. Michael started Communified to bring together his passion of technology and his desire to see a better future for society.

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